Menu for the Week of November 9, 2014


Two at the Table_Menu_Week of November 9, 2014

We’re taking a little trip to update New York later in the week, so we won’t be doing much cooking next weekend, but we planned some exciting things for the start of the week.

We trying out a new recipe on Sunday night. We’ve gotten in the habit of making comfort food on Sunday recently and this week is no exception as we will be making Roasted Chicken Legs with Potatoes and Kale from “Food + Wine”. We going to pair this new recipe with a new India Pale Ale: Elisian “Space Dust” IPA.

We had a fantastic dinner at the Momufuku Ssam Bar on Friday evening. A group of 11 of us tried the tasting menu, which was spectacular, featuring things as diverse as oysters, country ham, and kimchi. One of the tastiest things was a ginger scallion sauce, which Kim decided she had to try to replicate. Fortunately, she was able to find the recipe for the Ginger Scallion Sauce in “Saveur” magazine. We’re going to have Monday night it on seared tuna and also have a side of Quick Sesame Snow Peas, which we found the recipe for at The Kitchn ( Our friends Michael and Eric of Wines by the Flask ( suggested we pair this up with a 2012 Pfeffingen Riesling, which they thought would be able to stand up to the intense flavor of the ginger.

Tuesday night, we’re going to have Rachel Khoo’s Rachel’s Khoo’s Cheese, Pistachio and Prune Cake, which we made to take to a party a little while ago and have been saving in the freezer since then. (You can read about  the recipe in our blog post: Special Feature: Savory Cake.) We almost stumped Michael and Eric with this one, but they rose to the challenge and suggested a 2013 St. Magdalener wine from the Huck am Back vineyard. We had never heard of this wine, which is from the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy, before, but we are excited to give it a try.

Wednesday night is another Rachel Khoo recipe, but a new one for us: Winter Salad with Goat Cheese Mousse. (Please note that the link takes you to YouTube, where you can watch Rachel make the recipe.) We’re all into the carrots and parsnips this winter and we love a good goat cheese, so we’re excited to try this recipe. Michael and Eric paired this one up with another wine we hadn’t heard of before: a 2010 Toscana Invetro from Renieri vineyards.

Thursday night, we’re making one of our all-time favorites: Poblano Mac and Cheese from Lisa Fein’s “The Homesick Texan Cookbook”. (Please note that the link tasks you to Tasting Table’s adaptation of the recipe.) Lisa is a real inspiration because, she operates in a small New York City kitchen just like we do, but she was able to recreate a lot of her favorite dishes from Texas, including this one. It’s fantastic mix of creamy and cheesy and smoky and spicy. We always make the whole recipe, because we cannot get enough of it and it makes for a fantastic lunch. We’re going to try to save some of the Space Dust IPA for this dish.

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