Special Feature: Savory Cake

20140706_Pistacchio Prune Cake_IMG_8053_edited-1

Since we had dinner out last night, we thought we would share a recipe from last week that we (and our friends!) enjoyed very much! Kim tells the story of the savory cake:

I had wanted to make Rachel’s Khoo’s Cheese, Pistachio and Prune Cake for a very long time after seeing it on her show, The Little Paris Kitchen, and reading the variation in her cookbook of the same name. She had noted it was perfect for a picnic and I was just waiting for the right opportunity.

When our friends Alexandra and Eric invited us for an evening with their friends at the Honorable William Wall (the floating clubhouse of Manhattan Sailing Club) the idea of bringing the savory cake seemed perfect. And it was.

I made the cake on Sunday afternoon and the directions were very easy to follow even though I forgot to chop the pistachios as she suggested. (It turned out, it didn’t matter.) Mine needed the full recommended time to bake and truly smelled wonderful. It was hard to wait to try it until Tuesday but into the fridge it went. (I kept it in the loaf pan.)

Monday night I took the cake out to slice it as I thought it would be easier to do that at home than at work. Since the recipe recommends lining the baking tin with parchment paper, the cake came out of the loaf pan very easily. I sliced the cake and really was able to see how beautiful it looked with the white of the goat cheese, the darkness of the prunes and the pop of green from the pistachios sprinkled throughout.

20140706_Pistacchio Prune Cake_IMG_8118_edited-1

I put the cake back into the fridge wrapped in the original parchment paper and aluminum foil and then placed it into a zip top plastic bag. The next day, the cake’s adventures really began!

It spent the day in the refrigerator at work and it emerged unscathed as I was thankfully able to find a nice secure spot on the door as the main part tends to be overcrowded. Before I left work, I retrieved the cake, put into my tote bag, and headed to the subway, on what was very hot evening.

Of course, the subway was very crowded and I was certain the cake was getting squished at every stop along the way to lower Manhattan. I had met up with Tony at his subway stop and we were both relieved to be done with our underground adventure. We then headed to the (crowded, of course) boat launch that takes you to the Honorable William Wall.

Once at the clubhouse, I took the cake out to place it with the array of other tasty treats (including Alexandra’s delicious curry chicken) and found it had come up to a nice room temperature (despite the heat) and it still looked beautiful. Slicing in advance was a great idea as the questions started right away about what I brought with many intrigued by the idea of a savory cake. Given the amount eaten, I would say it was definitely a success! It is a bit rich so a little goes a long way and it was very nice to have a modest slice with the other snacks.

The remaining one-third or so of the cake came back home with Tony and me and I admit we even nibbled on a little bit the next day for breakfast (a very special treat.). We decided to put the remaining slices in the freezer (carefully wrapped in plastic wrap, then foil, then stored in a zip top bag) for an easy dinner or lunch at home with a nice green salad.

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