October 12, 2014 – Winter Vegetable Chili

We got a little behind with our posts this week – fighting off colds so we could keep our plans for a weekend getaway left us with not much energy to write or cook – but here’s a great idea for this weekend: Winter Vegetable Chili!

Two at the Table

20141013_Winter Vegetable Chili_IMG_8806_edited-1

Sunday night, we made a recipe that we’ve been waiting to try again for a long time: Winter Vegetable Chili from “Food + Wine”. We used some very colorful Black Dirt Region rainbow carrots that we got from Fresh Direct (www.freshdirect.com), including the beautiful, deep, dark purple one in the photo below, to give this recipe a different look. Tony describes how this dinner came together.

20141013_Winter Vegetable Chili_IMG_8819_edited-1

We picked this recipe for a Sunday, because we knew it would probably take more time to make than we would have on weeknight, but as I got into it, I remembered that it really doesn’t take that long at all. The reason for that is simple: unlike a meat based chili, which you can cook for a very long time and it gets better and better, if you cook this too long, the vegetables will turn to mush and your chili will be ruined. This…

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