Menu for the Week of June 21, 2015


This Week’s Menu: Two at the Table Menu Week of June 21, 2015

This week looks to be a little crazy–last week was too, and we ended eating out more than we planned and shuffling other dishes around–so our menu this week is pretty simple. We’ll mostly make do with what we have in the fridge, but we’ll also make some fun sandwiches as well as a new risotto recipe on Friday. Here’s what we have planned for the week.

We did have our Dutch Treats last week, but we got home pretty late that night, so we decided to pass on cooking the white asparagus using’s recipe for Spargel (white asparagus with Hollandaise sauce).  We were at Tony’s parents’ place for Father’s Day on Sunday, having our usual full-on Italian feast, so we’ll keep dinner simple, namely, the asparagus and the cheeses we bought during out trip.

Kim will be at a Junior League meeting on Monday, so Tony will be on his own. He hasn’t decided what he’ll have yet, but he’ll probably order in. He’s had Indian food on the brain for a few days now after watching an episode of Alton’s Brown’s Good Eats titled  “The Curious Case of Curry,” so Kim should not be surprised to come home to find Tony enjoying samosas, chicken tikka masala, and a cold India Pale Ale.

One of the dishes we moved around a bit last week, from Tuesday to Friday, was Saveur Magazine’s Grilled Ginger Marinated Flank Steak. The steak was spectacular, but we somehow managed to have some  left over, so we decided to make banh mi sandwiches for dinner on Tuesday. We still have to buy the bread for this, which should not be too hard to find, but we do have carrots, half-sour pickles and radishes, which will make for nice garnishes, as well as the ingredients to make sriracha mayonnaise, which will give the sandwiches a nice kick.

On Wednesday, we’ll continue the theme of using up things in the freezer and have the last of the Short Rib Ragu, which should allow us to have a fast but delicious dinner which will be paired with a green salad.

We will buy a bunch of radishes for the banh mi sandwiches, so we’ll use the rest of them in The Splendid Table’s Radish Sandwiches with Butter and Salt, we’ll have on Thursday. We’ve had these before for lunch and they were delicious, so we’re excited to try them again, but this time for dinner and this time with a lot more radishes!

We’ll be trying a new dish on Friday night: Food & Wine’s Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto. Our go to risotto dish is Ina Garten’s Parmesan Risotto, which is as delicious as it is simple. This new recipe is a little more involved, but still looks pretty easy and we’re looking forward to the challenge.

We have a gift card to Tavern on the Green burning a hole in our pockets, so we plan to have dinner there Saturday night. We have tickets to a matinée performance of “An Act of God” starring Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory,” so we thought it would be fun to sit in the Tavern’s new beer garden for a while after the show and then head inside for dinner. It should be a fun evening and a great end to another week for Two at the Table.

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