Menu for the Week of May 10, 2015


It was a great week for Two at the Table last week, as we made everything we had planned and every dish came out perfectly.  Each one was very easy, most were very fast, and all were delicious.

There’s no menu for this week, or next week for that matter, but for a very good reason. If you haven’t guessed based on the photo above, Two at the Table is taking a trip to Amsterdam! We’re very excited–Kim has never been and Tony has been a couple of times, but can’t wait to go back–and we have a lot of fun things planned. We’re going to visit several museums, including the Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt House Museum for two late Rembrandt exhibits as well as the Foam photography museum; take a day trip to The Hague (more museums, and what looks to be a fun lunch at le Bistrot de la Place); spend plenty of time wandering around; and have lots of great meals. Here’s a sample of the restaurants we plan to visit in Amsterdam:

Restaurant BlauwAn Indonesian restaurant we found based on the suggestion of our friends Marie and Jeff, who lived in Amsterdam for several years. They recommended that we indulge in rijstaffel, or “rice table”, which consist of several (we’ve read anywhere from 10 to 40!) small dishes accompanies by several kinds of rice. We figured this would be a fun start to our trip!

MariusThis is a lovely little bistro near the main train station. We learned about it from a write up by Rachel Khoo and figured if Rachel liked it, it must be awesome. (Tony is especially excited because Marius shares an owner with Worst, which is located right next door and specializes in charcuterie.)

D’Vijff vlieghenWhile the name (“The Five Flies”) may not sound very appealing, the menu certainly does, as does the restaurant’s rating in the Michelin Guide. As you’ll see if you follow the link above, the restaurant itself is quite beautiful, so we’re excited just to see it!

De Silveren Spiegel“The Silver Mirror” dates back to the 17th century. As the website states, “…the building is kept in its original state so you can experience the ambiance of this time period.” It will be interesting to have dinner in a restaurants that was founded more than 150 years before the Declaration or Independence was written. Oh, and the menu looks great too!

De KasThis restaurant was recommended to us by Kim’s creative agency, Mustache, which created “The Original Cool” campaign with The Netherlands Board of Tourism and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. (You should watch the video – it’s pretty awesome!) We managed to get two seats at the Chef’s table, so we will get an inside view of how this farm-to-table restaurant really works! (The restaurant is featured in the video, with a voice-over that says: “You call it organic and artisanal–we just call it food.”)

We don’t plan on making many–if any–dinners this week or next. We’re either going to scrounge up something from the fridge (Tony is eyeing some bacon in the freezer for BLTs on Monday) or order in. However, we are going to take the blog in a slightly different direction for the next two weeks and will write about our travels as much as we can. We hope you enjoy it!

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