Special Feature: A Little More About Us, Continued

We’ve gotten a few questions about us from our readers, so we thought we would field those periodically. We’ll mix the Q’s & A’s in with our usual posts and also add them to our “About Our Blog” page.


Q: Where do you get your recipes?

A: Several places. We have quite a few cookbooks (as you can see in the photo above), so we often page through those and highlight things that sound good. We don’t watch a lot of cooking shows, but we do watch Rachel Khoo and Ina Garten, so we often get ideas from them that we look up in their cookbooks. We subscribe to “Food & Wine”, which is a great source for recipes, as is the “New York Times” Dining section, which comes out every Wednesday. Kim has found some great recipes in “Real Simple” and Tony has found some in “Esquire” and “GQ”. We also subscribe to few e-mail lists that we find very helpful: Tasting Table, “Saveur” (though we don’t subscribe to that magazine), and “Food & Wine”. We follow quite a few people on Twitter and Instagram, which is another great source for recipes. We try to save all the recipes that we find electronically to Evernote; at last count, we had 1,153 recipes saved, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all sorts of snacks in between! If we have a specific dish we want to make, but can’t find a recipe in one of the sources noted above, we’ll either visit the Food Network website or just Google a recipe for the dish.

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