July 20, 2014 – Tapas Night

20140720_Tapas Night_IMG_8328_edited-1

Having had a great afternoon at the Yankee game and seeing a walk-off win, we were definitely in the mood a fun dinner. Tonight’s menu fit the bill. We tag-teamed on this one, so we’ll both explain what we did!


Asparagus with Manchego

Kim: After Tony trimmed the asparagus, I put them on a foil-lined sheet pan and drizzled them with a little olive oil. I sprinkled them with salt and pepper and mixed them to coat. I arranged them in one layer and slid them into a 350 degree oven.

Tony: After about 10 minutes, I took the asparagus out of the oven. As a final step, I shaved some manchego on the warm asparagus and then sprinkled some Spanish paprika on top.

Kim: Personally, I would have either roasted the asparagus a little longer or grilled them on the grill pan.


Chorizo with Honey

Tony: We had some chorizo left over from the clam bake, so I simply cut that into 1/4-inch slices and warmed it in a pan over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes

Kim: My job here was easy – I just drizzled the chorizo with some wildflower honey that we purchased on a recent trip to bear Mountain, NY.


Mushrooms with Thyme

Tony: I started with half a pound of baby bella mushrooms that I cut into quarters. I heated a little olive oil in a pan and when it was warm, added the mushrooms. I sprinkled them with salt, paper, and thyme and let them cook for about five minutes, until they had started to soften but weren’t too soft. A sprinkled them with a little red wine and then cooked them for another minute or two.


Cheese, Olives, and Caper Berries

We rounded things out with some cheese (Mahón, a Spanish cow’s-milk cheese), olives that we had in the fridge, and caper berries.

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