Menu for the Week of October 15 2017

This Week’s Menu: Two at the Table Menu Week of Oct 15, 2017

We have yet another very busy week, with a visit to see our friends Tom and Sharon in Maplewood, New Jersey and a talk/interview by Jeffrey Eugenides at the 92 Street YMCA. We also have several nights where either Kim or Tony is out for dinner, so we won’t eat together those nights. So, we only have new recipe this week, but it should be a good one.

For our first dinner together this week will, on Tuesday night, we plan to have the last of the leftovers from The New York Times’ Chicken in Mustard Sauce. This dish was  a real winner, but we’ll have to make more mustard sauce, as we’ve finished that already! We’ll serve this with some green beans sautéed in olive oil and garlic, and, since we have plenty on hand, slivered almonds. (Note: This didn’t quite work out, as Tony was invited to the Yankee playoff game and Kim worked very late, but Tony will make this for himself on Wednesday, one of the nights this week when Kim is out.)

Our other dinner together this week will be on Saturday night. We looked for an easy recipe that would use two chicken breasts we have in the freezer, and we think we’ve found a good one: Food & Wine’s Chicken Breasts with Olives-Artichoke Sauce. The recipe uses Kalamata olives, which we almost always have around, and feta cheese. It also calls for using frozen artichoke hearts (this is a big part of why the recipe is so easy), but we decided to go with canned. We’re going to ask our friends at Columbus Wine and Spirits to suggest a white wine to pair with dinner. They may select something from Greece, but they always have a surprise for us up their sleeves, so we know better than to guess!

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