Menu for the Week of August 14, 2016


This Week’s Menu: Two at the Table Menu Week of Aug 14 2016

We have a busy week this week (a Yankee game with friends on Sunday and dinner with friends on Thursday, plus Kim has a Junior League meeting on Monday), but we still have four dinners planned and they should all be great.

The first dinner will be Tuesday night, when we continue last week’s “sauced” theme and make Swordfish with Romesco sauce. We haven’t quite landed on a side dish yet, but we’ll probably have the yellow squash left over from the Tomato and Squash Gratin Kim made Sunday morning to have for lunches during the week.

We’ll make a new recipe on Wednesday and have The Kitchn’s Ricotta Gnocchi with Peas and Herbed-Lemon Butter. This will also let us use up the gnocchi left over from when we made the Herbed Gnocchi with Mushrooms last week. We’ll probably pick up a bottle of white to go with this dish, though we may pop open a bottle of Prosecco we’ve been keeping in the fridge for an emergency, like a Wednesday falling on an odd-numbered day or the sun setting in the west.

The third dinner will be Friday night, when we’ll make a third recipe from the Kitchn: Spinach, White Bean and Taleggio Pizza. (We hadn’t planned this to be a week devoted to recipes from The Kitchn, but we’re pretty happy it worked out this way, since their recipes have always turned out great for us!) Tony has been on a bit of a pizza making kick lately and while he hasn’t quite graduated to making his own dough (though he is considering going all in and taking a pizza making class), he has been having fun experimenting with toppings and fancy cheeses.

On Saturday, we’re making out twice-annual trip to Greenport, Long Island. While our April and August trips both result in a haul of fresh goat cheese from Catapano Dairy Farm and fresh seafood from Southold Fish Market, it’s only in the summer that we can get the spectacular produce that Long Island is especially known for: sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, and all kinds of berries. With fresh seafood so close at hand, we will finally make Food & Wine’s Ligurian Seafood Stew, which we’ve been wanting to make for weeks now. We’ll probably pair this up with a Long Island wine and serve it with Spicy Grilled Corn. Tony suggested plain grilled corn, but Kim realized that the paprika in the chorizo that goes into the stew would match up with the paprika that’s added to the butter that goes on the corn, so we decided to up our game a bit. Depending on what other goodies we pick up at the farm stands on the road into Greenport, we will have a fun dinner on Sunday as well! 

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