Menu for the Week of October 25, 2015


This Week’s Menu: Two at the Table Menu Week of October 25, 2015

After a bit of  a quiet week for cooking last week, we’re going at it full force this week with three new recipes, plus fresh-made pasta. Here’s what we have planned.

On Sunday night, Tony is going to put our newest kitchen gadgets (pasta making attachments for our Kitchen Aid stand mixer) to use and will try to make fresh fettucine. This will also allow us to use us some tomato sauce we’ve had in the freezer for a little while. We’ll start with the basic pasta recipe included in the instructions for the pasta maker, and while we don’t expect the pasta will be as good as Tony’s mom’s, we’re excited to give it a try.

We were in the mood to have fish Monday night, so we flipped through the Yellow Table cookbook and found a recipe for Cod with Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, and Carrot Puree. Since halibut was very highly rated on Fresh Direct, we’re going to substitute it for the cod.

On Tuesday night, we thought it might be fun to go vegetarian. Kim remembered having seen an Ina Garten recipe for a mushroom salad, so we flipped through our cookbooks until we found a recipe for Warm Mushroom Salad. We’re going to cheat a bit and use prosciutto as called for in the recipe, so this won’t be entirely vegetarian, but we know it will be good.

To make up for our little cheat on Tuesday night, on Wednesday we will absolutely have a vegetarian dinner when we make Skinnytaste’s Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayo. We’ve never made anything like this before, so we’re curious to see how we do with this recipe. The black bean burgers need to be frozen before you use them, so we’ll probably make them Tuesday night (the mushroom salad should be pretty quick to make, which will give us a little “extra” time to cook) and cook them on Wednesday.

Kim will be at a New York Junior League meeting Thursday night, so Tony will be on his own. He’s not at all sure what he wants to make, so he will probably wing it. A visit to his mom and dad’s may be in order!

On Friday night, we’re making a dish from Rachel Khoo’s newest cookbook “Kitchen Notebook,” which Tony’s friends Jourdan, Marnie, and Rebecca were thoughtful enough to give him as a going-away gift when he left his last job. We wanted to make something very different–for us at least!–so we settled on Sticky Chicken with Malaysian Salad, which we’ll serve with basmati rice. (Please note that the link will take you to the eat, little bird web site and a write up of the recipe.)

Tony will be out Saturday night taking photos of the Village Halloween Parade, so Kim will be on her own and is hoping to be busy handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. And that wraps up another week for Two at the Table!

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