Menu for the Week of December 28, 2014 – Part 1

Two at the Table_Menu_Week of December 28 2014_Part 1

Now that the holidays are (almost!) over, Two at the Table is getting back into the swing of things. We have a few special dinners planned for later this week, so our menu is coming out in two parts. Part 1 covers Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. These are our regular dinners, though we are trying three new recipes this week. Part 2 will cover Thursday (New Year’s Day), Friday and Saturday. On New Year’s Day, we’re having our friends Alexandra, Sharon, Eric, and Tom over for our annual New Year’s Day Indoor Barbecue. On Saturday, we’re planning to have Sharon and Ton over again to celebrate our anniversaries: their first, our fifth.

On Sunday night, we’re making Food & Wine’s Brussels Sprout, Bacon and Gruyère Frittata, which will be Tony’s first attempt at making a fritatta. This one is a little different than other frittatas we’ve made, as it finishes cooking under the broiler, rather than just going into the oven. It makes six servings, so we should have enough left over to make some nice breakfasts this week.

On Monday night, we’re doing something very different for us and make two recipes that feature Asian flavors. The first recipe is Ina Garten’s Indonesian Grilled Swordfish. We picked this one because swordfish was pretty highly rested on Fresh Direct. We’re going to pair this up with Ellie Krieger’s Sesame Stir-Fried Chinese Greens, which should be a nice accompaniment.

On Tuesday night we’re going to do something we don’t do to often for dinner and make sandwiches. Specifically, we’re going to make Food & Wine’s Garlicky Kale-and-Provolone Grinders. We picked this dish mostly because it will feed (quite literally) Tony’s obsession with kale, but also because it will be relatively quick and easy. It has the added benefit of allowing us to use a loaf of delicious olive bread that we purchased on our last trip to Greenport, Long Island and that has been waiting to be put to good use for a while.

So that’s Part 1 of this week’s menu. Check back on Tuesday to see the menu for the rest of the week including our special New Year and Anniversary dinners!

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