October 20, 2014 – Cilantro Scallops

20141020_Cilantro Scallops_IMG_8846_edited-1

With Kim out of town, Tony was on his own to try a new recipe, Cilantro Scallops, which he made Monday night. Here’s what he did to make this very easy dish.

This dinner was one of the easiest I have ever made; I went from starting the prep work to sitting down to eat in under 30 minutes. The reason is that the recipe basically involves taking the scallops and marinading them in (it’s really more like tossing them until they’re coated with) a mixture of olive oil, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, soy sauce and crushed red pepper. Once that step is done, you simply grill them for a couple of minutes per side – I used our trusty grill pan – and you’re done.

Rather than serve this dish with plain avocado on the side, I added a twist and used an idea that Kim got from her friend Alexandra. I cut an avocado in half and grilled it, cut side down, along with the scallops. I probably could have grilled the avocado a little longer, but it was nice to have warm avocado to eat with the tortilla chips.

This dish was a good, but maybe a little bland. If I make it again, I think I will make extra “marinade” to use as a sauce to spoon over the scallops after they are cooked.


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