September 2, 2014 – Sea Bass with Tomatoes, Olives and Capers

20140902_Sea Bass with Tomatoes and Olives_iPhone_IMG_0639_edited-1

On Tuesday night, after a weekend that ended heavy on steak and burgers, we made Ellie Krieger’s Sea Bass with Tomatoes, Olives and Capers, a super-fast, super-easy dish. Tony describes how he did it.

Prep for this recipe is minimal and really did take the 5 minutes the recipe said it would. The recipe calls for a small onion, but we had half a large onion left over, so I diced up an amount that I thought was equal to half of a small onion. (I was cutting the recipe in half, as usual.) I then chopped up a quarter cup black olives – while eating a second quarter cup of black olives. The rest of the prep just involved opening a can of tomatoes and a bottle of white wine.

I discovered that the cooking time for the recipe was a little off, as it says the dish only takes 10 minutes, but it actually takes 15. It’s a very small difference, so I suspect whoever counted up the minutes didn’t account for the fact that you need to cook the fish first (5 minutes) and cook everything else next (10 minutes). In any case, the cooking part is very easy as the fish just cooks a few minutes a side and the sauce just requires you to add new ingredients to the pan every couple of minutes and stir them in.

The sauce turned out great – tangy and briny and salty with a little bitter from the spinach. The sea bass, while cooked perfectly, was honestly a little dull on its own, but the sauce saved the day. We’ll come back to this recipe again, but will probably try it with salmon or tuna next time. (The sauce would probably go well over chicken breasts too!)

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