Special Feature: Cherry-Vanilla Scones

Tony doesn’t usually do much baking, but he’s been wanting to make a recipe for  Cherry-Vanilla Scones for a while. Recently, he decided to give it a try.

20140803_Cherry Vanilla Scones_IMG_8536_edited-1

Prepping most of the ingredients for the scones was pretty simple. I sifted together the dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking powder, and sugar), mixed together the wet ingredients (one egg, one egg yolk, vanilla, heavy cream, and buttermilk), and made the egg wash (egg and water). The only hard part was pitting the cherries and slicing them into quarters. I didn’t realize how much two cups of pitted, quartered cherries was until today!

With the prepping done, it was time to start mixing. I folded the wet ingredients into the dry and when I was done, the dough was very wet and sticky. So I folded in about a quarter cup more of flour. I next folded in the cherries. When I was down with this step, the dough still looked a little wet, so I mixed in about another quarter cup of flour. At this point, the dough looked much better, so I divided it into two rounds, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and put it in the fridge for an hour.

20140803_Cherry Vanilla Scones_IMG_8541_edited-1

After an hour in the fridge, I took the dough out and cut each round into eight triangles. Since I knew I would be baking the scones in two batches (it just seemed easier that way, though of course it took more time), I left half the dough in the fridge. With a little flour on my hands, I was easily able to transfer the scones to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. They went into the oven for about fifteen minutes and while the recipe doesn’t say to do this, I turned the cookie sheet 180 degrees halfway through the cooking time so the scones would bake evenly.

20140803_Cherry Vanilla Scones_IMG_8540_edited-1

In spite of my worries about the dough begin too wet, the scones turned out perfectly. They were light and fluffy with lots of pieces of cherry and a nice hint of vanilla. I realized when I was done that I probably only used 2 cups of flour to begin with, even though the recipe calls for 2 1/2. This would explain why things turned out so well after I added the “extra” 1/2 cup of flour. This is a recipe I will try again before cherries go out of season, so I will be much more careful with my measuring next time!

20140803_Cherry Vanilla Scones_IMG_8548_edited-1

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