July 25, 2014 – Parmesan Crusted Portobello Mushrooms with White Truffle Oil

20140725_Parmesan Crusted Portobellos_IMG_8412_edited-1

Mushrooms are a go to ingredient for us on nights when we try to eat vegetarian, which we try to do at least once a week. When our truffle oil arrived from a winery we visited in Tuscany during our trip there in May, pairing it with mushrooms seemed just perfect. Here’s how it went when Kim made Bobby Flay’s Parmesan Crusted Portobello Mushrooms with White Truffle Oil.

Since we were having this as our main dish, we made the full recipe, which was a satisfying and slightly decadent main course.

I first combined the Parmesan, thyme, salt and pepper. The recipe wasn’t very specific on the amount of salt and pepper so I probably ended up doing a teaspoon or so of each, making the assumption that the Parmesan would also impart some saltiness.

I got the Portobello mushrooms going cap side down on the grill pan and five minutes turned to be just about right for mine. The recipe assumes that you have an outdoor grill but I found that using a stove top grill pan worked perfectly. I turned them over for the additional six minutes of cooking time and meanwhile, I also got the oyster mushrooms started in a sauté pan.

I turned heat off the Portobello mushroom and sprinkled the Parmesan mixture into the mushrooms. Since I didn’t have a cover on my stove top grill, I simply put a piece of foil over the mushrooms and the intended result of melted cheese happened quite nicely.

While I was waiting for the cheese to melt, I distributed some arugula onto our dinner plates and lightly dressed it with a squeeze of lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil and of course, salt and pepper. Using my fish spatula, I slid two grilled Portobello mushrooms on each plate, drizzled with the long-awaited truffle oil and topped with the oyster mushrooms.

We paired this with a delightful Chianti Classico from our trip to Tuscany and enjoyed a wonderful dinner that reminded us of our special vacation.

20140725_Parmesan Crusted Portobellos_IMG_8426_edited-1

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