Special Feature: A Little More about Us, continued

We’ve gotten a few questions about us from our readers, so we thought we would field those periodically. We’ll mix the Q’s & A’s in with our usual posts and also add them to our “About Our Blog” page.

Q: How do you decide who makes what?

A: There are some exceptions, like old favorites that we both know how to make or things which, for whatever reason, one of us has always made, but our basic rule is that whoever suggests adding something to the menu is also agreeing to make it. Weeknight dishes that take a little more time generally fall to Tony, because he gets home earlier, and dishes that take a little more skill and patience generally fall to Kim, because, well, she has more skill and patience. Since Tony usually gets home from work earlier, he might do some prep work for meals Kim is going to make, but the deal is that whoever is making dinner does everything except the dishes. (However, as we’ve noted, having a small New York City kitchen means that “clean as you go” is the rule, so dish duty is usually not too bad!)

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