June 29, 2014 – Glazed Lemon-Ginger Scones

20140629_Lemon Ginger Scones_IMG_7924_edited-1

It was a busy weekend of cooking for Two at the Table, but we made the Glazed Lemon-Ginger Scones as planned. Here’s how it went for Tony:

I don’t do much baking, but I’ve made this recipes a few times. It’s not too difficult and the results are great.

The mixing steps were pretty simple – I combined the dry ingredients, mixed them together with a whisk, added the wet ingredients, mixed them into the dry ingredients, and then added in the pieces of candied ginger. I then turned the dough out onto a floured cutting board. At this stage, the dough was still wet and sticky, as you can see in the photo below:

20140629_Lemon Ginger Scones_IMG_7930_edited-1

The next step was to “knead the dough just until it comes together”. I’ve always taken this to mean “knead the dough gently until it’s no longer sticky” and this approach has worked well. I will sprinkle more flour on the board as I go if the dough is still a little wet. When I finished patting the dough into a thin circle and was ready to cut the circle into wedges, it looked like this:

20140629_Lemon Ginger Scones_IMG_7932_edited-1

This is when things started to go a little wrong. In the past, the dough cut smoothly, the knife stayed relatively clean, and the pieces slid off the cutting board easily. As I started to cut, I could feel the dough was still pretty wet in the middle. I hadn’t kneaded it long enough or added enough flour. Not only was the dough a little difficult to cut, the wedges were kind of droopy when I moved them onto the baking sheet; thankfully, I didn’t drop any. What I should have done is added more flour to the dough and kept kneading until it felt dryer and then started cutting. After about 20 minutes in the oven though, the scones turned out just fine.

20140629_Lemon Ginger Scones_IMG_7948_edited-1

Despite being a little misshapen – thinner and wider than usual, more like a triangular cookie – the scones were great. They were light and moist (as the recipe promises!), not too sweet, and had little bits of candied ginger spread throughout. The recipe makes eight scones, which is more than enough to get us through the week.

A final note: as you can see, I didn’t make the glaze for the scones. In fact, I never have. The first time I made these, I skipped this step. The recipe for the glaze uses a lot of confectioners’ sugar: two cups. I did the very simple math and it works out to a quarter cup per scone, which seemed like a lot. Plus, the scones are really good without the glaze, so I’ve never felt the need to make it. Please let us know how they come out if you do!

20140629_Lemon Ginger Scones_IMG_7940_edited-1

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