June 16, 2014 – Greek-Style Fish with Marinated Tomatoes (and Cous Cous)

20140616_Greek Style Fish_IMG_7722_edited-1

Monday night was a summertime favorite – Greek-Style Fish with Marinated Tomatoes with a side of cous cous. Tony explains what he did:

Since the tomatoes have to marinate for about 20-30 minutes, the recipe of course instructs you to start with making the marinade. The process is very simple, as you just place all the ingredients to a bowl and mix them. The only challenge is cutting the tomatoes in half without squishing them; a serrated knife works wonders. Keep in mind that you’ll use more garlic to season the fish, so don’t get too carried away here!

20140616_Greek Style Fish_IMG_7713_edited-1

The fish itself is very easy to prepare. Make sure that you get the fished deboned and butterflied. You don’t to leave the head and tail attached, but it does make for a more interesting presentation. As you can see from the photo below, I did a layer of garlic, one of lemon and one of thyme. I’ve also done garlic-thmye-lemon-thyme-garlic, just to spread the flavors around a little more, but this made the fish a little harder to flip when it was time to rub with olive oil.

20140616_Greek Style Fish_IMG_7723_edited-1

The fish spent about 20 minutes in the oven and came out moist and flaky. To serve, I just cut off the head and tail using a spatula, opened the fish, and removed the garlic, lemon and thyme. I then split the fish along where the backbone used to be to make two filets. As a side dish, we mode cous cous, which we seasoned with fresh basil and parsley from my Very Italian Father’s (VIF) herb garden. A quick, easy, and delicious dinner for a warm summer night!

20140616_Greek Style Fish_IMG_7727_edited-1

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